"Un Homme Orchestre" (One Man Band) is THE JIMMY C's most accomplished and accessible effort to date, yet it still maintains the quirkiness and humour that THE JIMMY C is known for - psychedellic pop songs sit back to back with heavy driving rock, moody acoustic songs and even a pinch of classic 70's metal! Vocal layers and harmonies sound like they were lifted directly from a lost 1967 Beach Boys album. Low-fi guitars and fuzz tones hark back to Lenny Kaye's Nuggets collection and inspiration gathered from more contemporary bands like Jellyfish, Ween and the Super Furry Animals may be spotted by the more careful listener. This is a collection of new and ORIGINAL music. "Un Homme Orchestre" is taking cues and inspiration from the most creative periods in music and turning out new, creative and original songs rather than the tired clichés that so many "retro" bands seem unable to avoid. "Un Home Orchestre" by the one man band THE JIMMY C, is so full of exciting and new musical ideas that it feels more like a compilation than an album by a solo artist. A collection of the best songs from a variety of bands (akin to the previously mentioned Nuggets), not the usually limited slab of 10 songs that all sound so similar and stick to the one genre. "Un Homme Orchestre" is music's creative past shining a torch and guiding they way to a more creative musical future!

"Un Homme Orchestre Bleu" and "Orange" are now available on iTunes. Un Homme Orchestra "Vert" (french for green) due out on August 24th!

Un Homme Orchestre
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